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The recently announced SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index names the LGBTI-Friendliest Travel Destinations for 2018. Canada and Sweden share the first place in the ranking of 197 countries and regions.

This year, for the first time the transgender rights have been considered for the ranking. Canada fulfills this new criterion with the full score and thus for the first time can secure the top spot – together with last year’s winner Sweden. Among the ten LGBTI-friendly travel destinations are mostly European countries that have already introduced same-sex marriage such as the Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the United Kingdom. New Zealand ranks in the third position as well as Germany, that has improved its position since 2017 due to the introduction of “Marriage for All”. Austria shares the 15. place together with Gibraltar, Greenland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Uruguay. Switzerland was ranked 21st together with Colombia, French Polynesia, Israel, Malta and  New Caledonia.

The SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index assesses 14 criteria such as same-sex marriage, anti-discrimination laws, the ban on Pride parades and other demonstrations, travel restriction for HIV-positives and perils of the person through persecution, imprisonment or the death penalty. Evaluated sources include the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, the UN Free & Equal campaign and general information on human rights violations against members of the LGBTI-community.

We are very proud that both, Canada and Sweden, are named as LGBTI-friendliest travel destinations and we would once again like to thank the Canadian and Swedish embassies for their continuous and invaluable support of the “Diplomats for Equality” initiative!

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